Our Activities

Since the founding of the Gigajoule group in 2001, the company has secured concession rights for the transportation and distribution of natural gas in the Maputo Province. Subsequently, it now also generates gas-fired power at Ressano Garcia.

Gigajoule has constructed over 100km of Natural Gas transmission and distribution pipelines under Matola Gas Company (MGC); as the promoter, business developer, project manager and shareholder of the gas-related projects. The company supplies clean natural gas to more than 30 industries in and around Matola and Maputo, Mozambique.

Construction of the network started in June 2004 and was completed in March 2005.

The successful development of this natural gas network in the region, led to substantial new investments in the area and also the re-establishment of several closed industries, boosting the Mozambican economy. The availability of natural gas has acted as an important catalyst. Since 2005, the availability of natural gas led to the establishment of a scrap steel smelter, a medicine manufacturer, a biscuit baker, a soft drink bottler, an aluminium power cable manufacturer and a cooking oil distiller. New investors are continuously opening new or expanding existing industries in the region.

This successful MGC project created the foundation from which Gigajoule has expanded into other natural gas and clean energy related projects in Southern Africa. 

Due to the need for power (energy) in the region, Gigajoule founded Gigawatt Mozambique. Gigawatt reached financial close on the 120MW gas-fired power station in June 2014. The construction was completed in December 2015, within schedule and budget.  The power station has subsequently been operating successfully with all production targets being met. Gigawatt is in discussions to increase the size of this plant under the 350MW concession.

MGC currently supplies gas to 2 gas-fired power stations located at Gigawatt park in Ressano Garcia and a newly constructed gas turbine power plant in Maputo. 

Gigajoule is continuously investigating other natural gas and clean energy opportunities in Southern Africa.

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