Gas Fired Power Benefits

We are living in a world which demands more energy. Yet this need must be met within a challenging framework of water shortages, global warming, reduced emissions and health concerns.

Traditional power generation technologies using coal, nuclear, diesel and heavy fuel are especially constrained by these challenges. The traditional power generating technologies are the main contributors to the environmental challenges the world is facing.

The growth of solar and wind power, addresses these environmental concerns. However, the major challenge facing solar and wind power generation – it is not available 100% of the time and these renewables need to be supported by other technologies.

While battery power and pump storage are considered to be supporting technologies for renewables, these technologies are very expensive or sometimes just not feasible.

Natural-gas-fired power plants can be started up in a very short time. Thus ideally suited to assist in grid demand fluctuations or when the renewables become constrained. Natural gas is the cleanest fossil fuel. The CO2 emissions, other particulates and water usage are minimal compared to coal and diesel-fired power plants.

Natural gas power generation is playing an ever-bigger role in supporting the transition to a renewable power-based World.

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