The first batch of 50 TATA CNG-powered vehicles manufactured by the Indian company is already operational in Maputo across the mass transit service (TPM) routes. A total of 150 buses have been ordered and the rest of the additional units will be fully operational by the end of August 2011.

According to TPM interim chairman of the board, Silvestre Constantino, the vehicles will operate across the cities of Maputo and Matola, as well as the districts of Boane and Marracuene.

A credit system financed by the government’s Transport and Communications Fund (FTC) made possible the acquisition of the natural gas powered buses, which can refuel at TPM facilities in central Maputo and also at a supply post near the MOZAL aluminium smelter on the outskirts of the city. reports that engineers and mechanics from TPM have been sent to India for comprehensive training to do the maintenance on these units.


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