The first set of 13 Rolls Royce engines arrived in Mozambique beginning of April and is being installed at Gigawatt Park, Ressano Garcia. Each engine weighs around 150tons and produces 9 300kW of power. Gigawatt’s power station is moving ahead on time and within budget. As a result the 100MW power station is expected to be operational by the end of 2015.

Gigawatt reached financial close on its 100MW gas-fired power station on 20 June 2014. The $200 million project was funded on a project recourse basis. The Debt funding for this project was sourced from Standard Bank South Africa, through the financial advisory services of Eaglestone and the legal counsel of Bowman Gilfillan. Equity for this project was supplied by Old Mutual, WBHO, Gigajoule and Matola Gas Company (MGC).

Gigawatt employed Hatch as its owner’s engineer on the project to monitor the construction activities on site, being done by the Spanish company TSK and a joint venture between WBHO and PB Power.

The power generated by this plant will be sold to EDM, the Mozambican state utility. The Natural Gas for the power stations will be supplied by Matola Gas Company (MGC), who is currently supplying gas to three temporary gas-fired power stations. These stations generate around 270MW of power, operating under a sub-concession of Gigawatt at the Gigawatt Park, Ressano Garcia.

Although this plant can supply electricity to around 250 000 households, the power supply crisis in the region allowed Gigawatt to have further discussions and design studies to further increase the power plants output.

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