MGC and Gigawatt have been sponsoring the Mozambican football Youth Academy since 2009. This year, 2017, MGC and Gigawatt also became the proud sponsors of Clube de Desportos da Costa do Sol. Costa do Sol is the club with the most trophy wins in Mozambique.

For the past 10 years however, Costa do Sol has not succeeded in winning a major trophy in the country.  MGC and Gigawatt has been fortunate that this dry run ended this year, within the first season that we started sponsoring the team. Costa do Sol won 2 of the 3 National Trophies this year and came in second place on the third Trophy award.

MGC and Gigawatt are very proud of the Costa do Sol team and look forward to another season, making headlines! We are also optimistic that the qualifications to the 2018 African Competitions will be a boost in promoting Mozambique, its sports and sponsors to the rest of Africa!

Congratulations to the Champions!

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